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January 19, 2022
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If you are a player who loves the stickman game genre, you definitely cannot ignore Stick War Legacy. This game is in the form of an army of toothpicks. 

All characters will have the same appearance. The use of intelligent tactics and modern weapons are the two decisive factors to the game’s victory. 

To increase the gaming experience, many players have used the Stick War Legacy version. The following article will help you better understand Stick War Legacy MOD APK.

Stick War Legacy MOD APK: Exiting Toothpicks Army Game

Stick War Legacy is a game developed by Max Games Studios. Although this game has a fairly straightforward character system and configuration, it still creates its mark for players. 

Stick War Legacy MOD APK

The mission system is quite exciting and attractive with the invasion of other opponents on the battle map. Therefore, the flexible strategy change is the best way for players to win this game.

The publisher has built the plot based on a fantasy world called Inamorta. Here, many powerful empires are coexisting. 

At the same time, these empires always want to invade other kingdoms to dominate the world. Therefore, in the game, the player will play the role of an emperor of a domain. You need to command and devise appropriate tactics to protect your empire against enemy attacks.

The highlight of this game is in the diverse modes. It includes three main game modes. Therefore, players can freely choose their favorite methods. 

In addition to fighting the invading army system, Stick War Legacy also has a zombie mode. At this time, its difficulty will be in each game.

Tips to play Stick War: Legacy

To play this game effectively, players need to have a keen sense of team-building thinking. They need to be flexible in using weapons and change the formation to suit the battle involved. 

This game does not require too much of this individual skill with normal modes. However, with the tournament mode – where many talented players gather, you need to hone your ability to build real battles for your empire.

Stick War Legacy MOD APK download

You need to fully equip this army with modern weapons. This equipment can cost a lot of gold for the player. Therefore, they need to work hard to complete tasks and participate in many events to own many valuable items.

If you want to shorten the time to accumulate gold, you can use two ways: top up or use APK hacking software.

Stick War: Legacy MOD Feature Highlights

Diverse game modes

Stick War Legacy owns three different game modes: survival, classic, and tournament. Players can freely choose their game mode. If they want to improve quickly, the tournament mode is where players need to pay special attention. 

Stick War Legacy MOD

This game is where there are a lot of players with excellent skills. Building an intelligent squad and owning a modern weapon system will effectively help players defeat the enemy.

Clear hierarchy

With each game mode, it will have a hierarchy of increasing difficulty. Therefore, players can improve their skills gradually.

Graphic and sound design

With graphics, Stick War Legacy at first glance, players will feel it is straightforward because the characters are all stick people. 

However, that simplicity makes this game different from other strategy games. Stick War Legacy is for players who love minimalism. 

In addition, the dramatic sound system in each game is a premise to help players feel more exciting and attractive.

Various weapon systems

The weapon system in this game is quite diverse, and it includes many different tools. From there, players can use these tools for many purposes. 

At the same time, based on the battle formation, they can choose the weapons suitable for the combat function for the character.

Quick Rundown Of Stick War Legacy MOD APK

The main feature of Stick War Legacy Mod is unlimited money. Because gold coins in this game are significant, it will help you to be able to own many valuable weapons and items. Therefore, having unlimited money will allow players to invest whatever they want.

Stick War Legacy MOD Download


  • Ignore errors during gameplay
  • Unlimited money, free every item in the game.
  • MB size is relatively small, suitable for all devices running the Android operating system.


  • Not available on google play
  • Requires players to update themselves manually
  • APK files can cause phone errors

How To Download And Install

With Stick War Legacy Mod APK, you can easily download and install this hacked version for your phone. 

  • It is not too demanding on the technical elements inside the machine. 
  • In addition, before downloading this hacked version to the device, players need to open the permission to download unknown applications inside the “settings” section of the phone. 
  • Only then can they start downloading and installing the game on their device. 
  • Then wait for a few seconds to complete the installation. At this point, you can go in and start experiencing the game.


1. Stick War Legacy Mod APK used for which operating system?

This version is only suitable for players using the Android operating system. Also, with the iOS operating system, this version will not be supported.

2. Is there any game that can replace Stick War Legacy MOD APK?

There are games with similar gameplay to Stick War Legacy:

  • Stickman Legends
  • Stickman Revenge
  • Stick Fight

3. What are the alternatives of this APK game?

  • Cartoon Wars: Gunner
  • Stick Empires
  • StickWars 3
  • Battle for Wesnoth
  • Game of Thrones: Conquest


Hopefully, the article will help you better understand the Stick War Legacy Mod APK version. It can be that this version is a great tool to help players own anything in the game. 

Everything in the store is free. You can freely choose items that contribute to improving the strength of your squad. If you have any other related questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment for us to answer promptly.

With the outstanding advantages of Stick War Legacy MOD APK, what do you hesitate to enjoy? Download and enjoy the awesomeness of this game!