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Oct 10, 2022
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Shadow Fight 2 is an excellent arcade fighting game that requires fundamental control abilities. It’s a fantastic place to train as a shadow warrior.

You need to equip yourself with the right weapon, skills, and other tactical things to battle your opponents. If Shadow Fight is new to you, dive into this post to learn more about the game. We’re sure you will love it at first sight!

Besides, the Mod version will also give you a unique and exciting experience. Let’s discover Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK now!

A Brief Overview Of Shadow Fight 2 Mod

Shadow Fight 2 is a famous role-playing game launched in May 2014 on Android and iOS by the Nekki publisher. The revised version, which uses the Unity engine, was released worldwide five years later, on April 7, 2019.

Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK

With a captivating storyline, beautiful graphic design, and compelling gameplay, the game has gained much attention since its initial release.

Notable Features Of Shadow Fight 2 MOD


Shadow is a haughty samurai who travels worldwide in search of a worthy opponent. Unluckily, he disobeyed his ancestors’ samurai rules when he opened the Gates. As a result, the Demons inside fled, and he was reduced to a shadow of his former self.

Thus, he must combat demons and get the Demon Seals to seal the evil away by closing the Gates. During the journey, Shadow also meets sympathetic supporters and, of course, some rivals who challenge him to duels.

Shadow Fight 2 MOD

But when sealing the Gates of Shadows, he finds himself in a difficult situation. He decided to reopen the Gates to save May, who had been trapped inside.

Shadow passes through the Gates and enters a different world. Titan, a powerful cyborg alien responsible for all misfortunes, is about to invade the planet. That is why Shadow vows to rehearse and fight to extinguish this heinous intrude.


Players love Shadow Fight 2 because of its epic battles and combat scenes in astonishingly lifelike details and simple controls. You can also use other weapons like swords, nunchaku, armor suits, magical powers, and so on.

You can select the battle’s 1vs1 antagonism and use control keys to move on, attack, and evade enemy strikes, similar to classic RPGs. Still, you must understand how to mix these keys to generate skills and combos continuously.

You’ll have a variety of lethal weapons, including:

  • Hand: Strike or use your weapons.
  • Legs: Kick to attack
  • Dag: Deals damage across a long-range
  • Mage: Use magic to attack your enemy.

Your character may progress through the game by gaining new levels and skills. You can customize their character’s weapon, ranged weapon, helm, and magic. 

Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK for android

You can also enchant your gear to make it better. It’s advisable to buy and upgrade your equipment with Gems, Coins, and Shadow Orbs.

Shadow Fight 2 comes with 7 Acts, where players must conquer the evil Demons to close the Gates. In the last act, you’ll face the conqueror in an epic battle.

Game Modes

Shadow Fight 2 features different game modes, where you will use coins and gems to upgrade gear and improve your skills at difficulty levels.

  • Main mode: This mode consists of seven chapters, each with bosses. You must first defeat five bodyguards to successfully attack the Boss. When you complete a level, you can equip new things to unlock the system, boosting your character’s chances of winning.
  • Sub mode: Gain money so you can buy new costumes and weapons. Tournament (24 foes in two halves), Survival (10 foes in a row), Ascension (Sublimation), Duels (arena), and Challenge are just a few of the modes available.
  • Unique modes: In Underworld, you can descend to the underworld map and team up with other players to hunt monstrous bosses. Consider the Eclipse if you wish to play in a more challenging setting.

Graphic Design

This appealing 2D game is a big success of Nekki’s exclusive technology. Rather than spotlighting the subject in the backdrop, the game makes the background stand out with the completely black subject. This makes sense regarding the game’s plot.

Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK download

Such graphics will let you feel the excellent strikes, character effects, and weapons in the battles. Shadow Fight 2 Mod is a bit slower than high-speed combat games since it features the Japanese samurai spirit: Agitation, Concentration, and Decision-Making.

Features of Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK

You may require a certain amount of money to purchase various weapons, armors, and resources to increase your attack and save the world from chaos. 

Fortunately, there’s no need to worry because Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK may provide you with infinite money after each match. After that, you can concentrate your efforts on defeating your opponents in each encounter.

Unlimited Gems & Coins

The primary currencies in Shadow Fight 2 are coins and gems. The cost of in-game items has been set to 1 with the hacked APK version. After each match, you will get the same money to purchase the gear and boosts.

Unlimited Energy

In this MOD APK, you will start with five energy and get an energy point every 10 minutes by default. When you’ve finished the bouts, you don’t need to worry about your energy. Now that you have the Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK, you can enjoy an endless amount of energy.

Unlock All Items

You will receive the unlock items via the mod app:

  • Boss Weapons
  • Butcher’s Knives
  • Lynx’s Claws
  • Wasp’s Naginata
  • Hermit’s Swords
  • Widow’s Fans
  • Shogun’s Katana
  • Rabid Tonfas
  • Monk’s Katars

Note: You may receive a notification of a data problem when you first start the game. If so, switch off the game, then turn it back on to resume normal gameplay.

Generally speaking, Shadow Fight 2 is still much more of a “half-season” fighting game when the developer has focused on a more immersive dimension instead of the resistance element of the game. But in return, players can enjoy a unique, easy-to-play game style with less manipulation but a powerful addictive effect.


Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK offers players a whole new world to enjoy the original version in a more fantastic way. Many benefits await you ahead, like infinite gems, energy, unlocked levels, and weapons! 

Such a simple-to-play game type that requires little manipulation but has a strong addicting effect. So, what’re you waiting for? 

Download Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK now and enjoy the game to its fullest!

What's new

* In the bowels of the earth there lives an ancient cult that organizes ritual battles for the glory of cruel gods. Save humanity from their rage!
* Bug with seal indicator fixed.
* Issue causing AI to be unable to take a decision if attacked with missile weapon near the wall fixed.
* Some cases of the game crashing fixed.
* System security improved.


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