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In life, we must all experience many different emotions. Everything happens randomly, and we don’t have the power to choose what events will occur in our lives. One of the games that can help you go back in time and change your life according to your will is Bitlife. 

This way, everything in your virtual life will be up to you. In addition, to improve the quality of the experience, many players have used a MOD version, BitLife Mod APK. The article will introduce you to the highlights of this hacked version.

Bitlife MOD APK: Latest Version Download For 2022

BitLife is a game produced by the publisher Candywriter. This game has the main content revolving around a person’s life around the virtual world. When entering the game, you will only be a child. Then they grow larger over time.

The character’s activities are pretty similar to real-life human activities. It has high similarities. Therefore, players will feel the realism of the game. They seem to be reliving their childhood lives.

Bitlife MOD APK

With BitLife, you can change the activities and the age of the character. With each generation, they will have related activities. 

You can choose according to your personality and personal preferences. This game will reflect your true self through the actions and behaviors you make in the game.

The interesting point of this game is that you can go back to your past. In this way, players can correct their own mistakes. 

At the same time, this exciting point will direct players to change in a positive direction. They recognize their mistakes and try to change them both in the virtual world and in real life.

Tips To Play BitLife MOD 

This game is not a matter of gameplay because it is a mirror reflecting the process of forming a person. You also don’t have to choose a tactic at all.

When entering the game, you will have four main stats: health, intelligence, appearance, and happiness. Improving all four elements will help players become the perfect version.

The difference in stats exposes players to different situations in the game. They will rely on that signal to change to help balance the index. Then the player will have the best life.

During gameplay, players can change options and parameters. It depends on individual preferences. It affects the outcome of the game later. If you want the game to be authentic and similar to yourself, the changes should be minimized.

Features & Highlights

User-friendly interface system

The interface system is one of the critical factors that directly affect the quality of the player’s experience. With BitLife Mod, this game has a user-friendly interface system. You will not find it too difficult to get used to the features in the game.

Build your own life

With this game, you can build your own life. All actions are with each age in mind, and they are pretty diverse. For example, when you were a child, your mother was given injections. 

Bitlife MOD APK download

At that time, you can choose two actions: lie still or turn to bite your mother. The choice will depend entirely on the player. Therefore, the characters will accurately reflect who you are in both past and present.

Select and get results

The age of 18 is a milestone marking the maturity of each person. It can be that this is the decisive stage for your results. 

You won’t be banned by guardians. Everything is to you from life. The last part of the game will help you answer the question: “How has the age of 18 changed your life”.

Back to the past

Changing the past is a unique feature of this game. Although it is not really in reality, the primary purpose of this feature is to help people realize the mistakes of their best friends. 

They can then correct that mistake by going back in time and changing their actions. Doing this will help you change the outcome of the game.

About Bitlife Mod APK

To improve the quality of the game experience, players have now chosen the BitLife Mod APK version. With this version, it has three main features:

  • No ads
  • Unlock VIP features
  • Unlock Bitizen-only icons and elements.

With these features, players have bypassed all obstacles in terms of cost. They can do anything there is in the game of life BitLife. 

From there, your character will become the perfect version, and you rely on it to change real life for the better.

Quick Rundown Of BitLife MOD APK


  • Free for users
  • Skip ad
  • Bringing a variety of icons and features to Citizen
  • No error occurs during the game
  • Bypass game publisher control


  • Not available on Google Play
  • APK files may contain viruses that harm your phone

How To Download & Install

To download and install this game, you will need to visit the website and download the APK file to your device.

Bitlife MOD APK for android

In addition, before downloading to the phone, players need to open “settings” and select “unknown sources.” Only then will players download the game.


What operating system is BitLife Mod APK used for?

This game uses the Android operating system. It can be for all devices running this operating system with a minimum update version of 5.0.

Is BitLife Mod APK safe?

The answer is no because APK files can contain viruses that harm your phone.

What features does BitLife MOD APK have?

With this hack version, people will get free VIP features: unlock pets. In addition, this version also helps players skip all ads during gameplay.


Through the article, you can probably understand the details of BitLife Mod APK. This game is to help players change their lives for the better. The main character is a mirror that reflects you. Therefore, players can more easily recognize their own mistakes to change.

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