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White Noise Baby Sleep Sounds APK for Android

Baby Sound Machine: Sleep Well app is intended especially for parents of newborns. It helps them put their babies to sleep instantly. The app uses classic white noise Sleep sounds (lullabies) proven to be more effective than music, tones or sung by generations of parents! They resemble the natural sounds of the womb and thus create a calming environment for the babies they are used to.🎡 🎡 🎡

Playing at sleep time Sleep sounds like wind noise, rain noise or the Sleep sounds of nature drowning out the surrounding sounds, allowing your baby to fall into a peaceful and deep sleep.

When a child has colic or is overstimulated and cannot sleep, try our app, and you’ll find that lulling your baby to sleep can be quick and pleasant.

* it’s FREE *
Some parents may not be able to pay for the app. I don’t want their child to cry because of that.

Sleep Sound Machine: Sleep Well app contains a variety of sounds (from reminiscent of white noise to the sounds of nature):
🎡 hair dryer 🎡 washing machine 🎡 vacuum cleaner 🎡 car motor 🎡 nature sounds 🎡 train 🎡 subway 🎡 washer-dryer 🎡 windshield wipers 🎡 mountain stream🎡 dripping water 🎡 music box (lullaby) 🎡 shower 🎡 white noise 🎡 musicbox 🎡 heartbeat 🎡 purring of a cat and many more.

Simply select the desired sound or create your own mix using these HD sounds:

βœ” Pure white noise
βœ” Pure pink noise
βœ” Pure brown noise
βœ” Pure blue noise
βœ” Rain
βœ” Heavy rain
βœ” Thunderstorm
βœ” Ocean
βœ” Sea
βœ” Lake
βœ” Creek
βœ” Wind
βœ” Fan
βœ” Air conditioner
βœ” Vacuum cleaner
βœ” Hair dryer
βœ” Washing machine
βœ” Boiling kettle
βœ” Shower
βœ” Fireplace
βœ” Airplane
βœ” Rain on puddle
βœ” Rain on leaves
βœ” Train
βœ” Car
βœ” Cat purring
βœ” In the womb
βœ” Mother (Shush)
βœ” Forest river
βœ” Mountain river
βœ” Waterfall
βœ” Heartbeat

From practical experience, we have learned that such white noise sounds are more effective as a lullaby for baby sleep than music, tones or sing.
Babies love white noise. Background white noise is calming for baby and resembles the kind of sounds that he would hear in the womb.

This app can also be used as a sound machine (white noise machine) by adults suffering with insomnia or sleep disorders.
The masking effect of white noise is also great for relaxation, concentration and study.

App features:
βœ” 36 white noise sounds
βœ” 4 baby lullabies
βœ” Timer with soft fade out
βœ” Background audio support
βœ” No full-screen ads
βœ” Offline working
βœ” Lightweight and easy to use
βœ” Infinite playback
βœ” Mixer with support for adjusting the volume of each sound in the mix

We do highly recommend not putting the phone closer to the baby than necessary.

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