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December 23, 2021
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Off-road racing is one of the sports that are very popular with young people. However, not everyone is capable of doing this activity in real life. Racing is an extreme sport, so it requires the performer to have experience and steel spirit.

To simulate the roads that bring F1, the game publisher has released the Traffic Rider game. With the MOD APK version, players can own all the items for free. The following article will give you an overview of Traffic Rider MOD APK.

Traffic Rider MOD APK Latest Version In 2022: Features & Download

Traffic Rider is a sports racing game developed by Soner Kara. The game will give players the most realistic feeling through high-speed races. 

With the ownership of a large displacement motorbike, players can reach a maximum speed of up to hundreds of kilometers. At that time, you will feel like you are in the actual races.

Traffic Rider MOD APK

The unique feature of this game is the eye-catching 3D graphics system. Traffic Rider’s interface is of extremely high quality. 

The color tones used are accurate to the player. In addition, the background music sound system, along with the combination of vehicle effects, makes the race more attractive and dramatic.

With this real version, players can download on iOS or Android operating systems. This game does not require users to pay any fees for registering and downloading the game. However, to own luxury cars, players will need to pay a fee. 

Traffic Rider MOD APK was born to save costs for players. This version will help players own all luxury cars and be completely free.

Tips To Play

With Traffic Rider, this game has relatively simple rules. You need to control your car to the finish line as soon as possible to win. Two scooters on the right and left will appear on the screen when starting to enter the road. 

The trumpet icon will affect the vehicle in front and needs to get out of your way. Also, the pickup icon will be available when it turns purple. 

Traffic Rider mod

However, to load, you will need to accelerate your car to maximum speed. Moving and accelerating will need to depend on many factors: terrain and weather. Because if you lose control, you may cause an accident that will disrupt the race.

In the beginning, your car needs to reach a speed of 100 km/h. Your mission is to dodge the vehicles and drive at top speed. After getting to the finish line, the player will receive a corresponding amount of money. That money can be available to unlock more racing cars. 

In addition, the system will display landmarks on the map. Therefore, if you want to move to the next level, you will need to reach the marked speed.

Traffic Rider  Mod Features & Highlights

Diverse vehicle system

Traffic Rider owns a vehicle system of up to 29 vehicles. The cars all have different designs and styles: classic, modern. 

For each vehicle, the developer will have a separate specification sheet. Players will read and choose for themselves the most suitable car. This game has been designed quite similarly to real-life cars from many different brands. Therefore, players will only have the opportunity to admire unique versions of vehicles in Traffic Rider.

Traffic Rider for android

Graphics and sound system

Graphics and sound are two crucial factors determining the quality of the player’s experience. With traffic Rider, this game is highly regarded for its image and sound quality. The 3D visual system and sharp sound will help players have the best experience.

Diverse gameplay

The game is a street racing game combined with adventure racing. Therefore, on the track, you will meet other traffic. Your task is to overcome all those obstacles while maintaining a stable speed deftly. 

Traffic Rider for android

Only then can you complete the task and get more rewards. Besides, this game does not require players to follow specific gameplay. Therefore, players can freely create their diverse gameplay.

About Traffic Rider MOD APK

Traffic Rider MOD APK is a free mod version for users. By downloading this version to your computer, players will get unlimited money. It has great significance in improving the quality of the player experience. 

At that time, players can unlock all the cars they love at no cost. Also, this version will skip all ads. From there, they will not feel uncomfortable when watching ads with a length of 15s -1 minute.

Quick Rundown Of Traffic Rider MOD APK


  • Skip all ads
  • Free to users
  • Own all valuable cars
  • Compatible with most devices using the Android operating system


  • Not available on Google Play
  • Players need to update themselves when a new version is available
  • It would help if you were careful with tests coming from game publishers

How To Download & Install?

Like other APK files, Traffic Rider MOD APK is quite simple. Since APK files are not available on Google Play, users need to download this file on websites. The download will require the player to open the download with an unknown source for their device. 

Traffic Rider apk download

Only then can they start downloading Traffic Rider MOD APK to their phones. Please wait for a few seconds for the system to complete the download and start experiencing the game.


1. Traffic Rider MOD APK used for which operating system?

With this version, it is available for the Android operating system. With iOS, this operating system does not support APK files because the privacy policy does not allow it.

2. What features does Traffic Rider MOD APK have?

Traffic Rider mod android

With this hack version, it has two main features, which are unlimited money and skip ads. These two features will significantly improve the player’s experience.

3. What games are similar to Traffic Rider APK?

These games can replace Traffic Rider Mod APK as Asphalt 9 or Need For Speed.


Hopefully, the article will help you have an overview of Traffic Rider MOD APK. With this version, users will get unlimited money and skip all ads. At that time, players will have the opportunity to open all different car lines for free. It does not require them to pay any fees, including account registration fees.

What's new

- Added a new bike
- Bug fixes and improvements