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December 8, 2021
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If you are a lover of the terrain racing game genre, you will certainly not be able to ignore Hill climb racing. This one owns 1001 types of death for the character, along with a diverse and richly designed map system.

To increase the gaming experience, many users have used additional MOD APK for this game. The following article will give you an overview of Hill climb racing MOD APK.

Hill Climb Racing mod apk

Hill Climb Racing MOD APK: Exciting Off-Road Racing Game

Hill climb racing is the most popular racing today. It was developed by Fingersoft – a famous company in Finland, in 2012.

To date, this one has reached 100 million downloads. 

Through each version, the developer has developed many new features and maps. 

From there, users can significantly increase the gaming experience.

Hill Climb Racing mod

In addition, Hill climb racing is entirely different from the usual terrain racing genre. Although the gameplay is quite simple, these games still make players attractive because of the diverse and richly designed roads.

With just one finger, you can control the car to move. The unique feature of the vehicle is that it is always in a relaxed and loose state. At that time, players will always feel excited and enjoy driving such cars.

Besides, this one also has a vivid and attractive visual and sound system. Character graphics are with many different designs and colors. 

Therefore, users will indeed have a great gaming experience.

Tips To Play Hill Climb Racing Mod Apk

When entering the game, you will play the role of a character named Newton Bill. This racer has the talent and ambition to become a champion for all races. About how to play, to finish, you will need to overcome all obstacles during the race.

The characteristic of all vehicles in Hill climb racing is loose. Therefore, you will need a rhythmic combination of brakes and acceleration gas to ensure the car’s safety.

Hill Climb Racing apk

At the same time, a reasonable speed adjustment will help players reach the finish line as soon as possible. Because if your car is going too fast, it will most likely overturn when going downhill. Then you will lose the race.

Also, during racing, don’t forget to collect gold coins along the way. It has the effect of helping you to own more new cars and other valuable items. 

Earning gold continuously will help you become rich quickly.

Feature & Highlights

Diverse vehicle system

At the beginning of the gameplay, you will be given a jeep by the game. After playing the game and accumulating gold, you will have the opportunity to own more new cars. 

The vehicle system in Hill climb racing APK is extraordinarily diverse and rich. You can freely choose your favorite car. In addition, if you need to own a car in a short time, you can top up the game.

It will help players buy many valuable vehicles. You should remember, the better the car, the better the accessories will be. From there, winning the race will become easier.

Rich map

With this game, you can experience many maps corresponding to different environments: moon, desert, or hill.

Each map will have different terrain and challenges. Although the map only has 2D graphics, the environment is still vividly depicted. From there, players will not feel bored when playing the game.

Hill Climb Racing mod apk download

1001 types of death

The unique feature of this one is in 1001 death types. During the game, players will encounter many situations that make them lose. 

All these types of vehicle breakdowns and rollovers are called dead modes. The design of various car flips will help players feel excited and not be bored when playing the game.

Graphics and sound system

The visual system of Hill climb racing APK is always for its quality. In the gameplay, players will enjoy the fun background music.

In addition, car sounds are to suit each player’s actions. They will feel the game becomes more realistic and attractive at that time.

About MOD APK Version

In this hack version, you will get unlimited money. At that time, users could freely buy any car they loved.

At the same time, they can use that money to upgrade parts for their cars. Upgrading the vehicle will help players win the race more efficiently.

Quick Rundown Of Hill Climb Racing MOD APK


  • Unlimited money
  • Unlimited number of cars
  • Upgrade car parts quickly
  • Completely free for users
  • Not detected or controlled by the publisher


  • Play Store does not provide it.
  • This MOD version does not update itself.

How to Download & Install ?

To download this hack, you’ll need to check your phone’s version. The Hill climb racing MOD APK will require your device to use the Android 4.4 operating system. 

Also, before proceeding to download the APK file, you will need to open access from an unknown source for your device. 

It will allow users to download files that are not available on the Playstore to their devices.

Besides, if you want to play games on your computer, you must download an emulator application. You can choose any emulator that is compatible with your device.

However, because Hill climb racing APK is a mobile one, playing on a computer will not be as attractive as a smartphone.


What features does Hill climb racing MOD APK include?

With this hack, you will only have one function: unlimited money. However, owning a lot of money will help you buy everything in the game.

Hill climb racing MOD APK used for which operating system?

With this hack, it is only suitable for Android operating systems. With IOS, the operating system will not allow this application to work.

Is Hill climb racing APK available on Google Store?

The answer is No. Therefore, you will need to download this one on other websites.


Hopefully, the article will help you understand the Hill climb racing MOD APK hack better. With this app, you can have unlimited money.

This way, you can buy many cars and upgrade them in detail. In addition, before proceeding to download this hack, you will need to open the permission to install unknown sources for your device.

What's new

- New Vehicle: FAST CAR
It’s a fast car.
- Various bug fixes