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Chuck E. Cheese
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It’s a race to the finish line through unique tracks:
• New Track!! Beach Party Bash (replaces Restaurant Track)
• Planet Purple: drift on asteroids and through space tunnels, boost across futuristic landscapes with solar panels, floating debris and holograms.
• Wild West: overtake your opponents on dusty country roads, steer past cacti and barnyards, be careful not to fall off the old wooden bridges.

• Accelerate, brake and jump to navigate race tracks full of surprises!
• Test your skills and complete a set of exciting missions, including time trials and elimination races.
• Speed past the competition in Chuck E.’s signature convertible, Jasper’s mighty pick-up, or Helen’s speedy sport car.
• Use NITRO to gain extreme speed and leave your rivals behind.
• Throw WATER BALLOONS to make other racers spin and stall.

• Choose between TILT or TOUCH control options in game settings
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What’s new in this version:

• NEW Beach Party Bash track has replaced the Restaurant track
• Improved tilt and touch steering
• Player progression has changed, so all previous progress has been reset
• New difficulty settings: Easy, Medium, and Hard
• Racing types are now: Regular Race, Battle Royale, and Time Trial
• Ticket redemption has been disabled at this time.
• We appreciate your feedback and are always innovating to make our game better. Keep on gaming!