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Youtube Vanced APK Download

YouTube is the second most popular social media network, followed by Facebook. This multimedia platform is still on the way to conquering the remaining population.

The thing is, YouTube’s sponsored ads under short videos bother viewers with greater frequency. That’s not to mention the original YouTube version lacks background playback and Picture-in-Picture features. 

If you’re stuck with this problem, let YouTube Vanced APK help you out. Scroll down to learn about the features of the app and why so many people use it!

YouTube Vanced APK – Enjoy Your YouTube Videos To The Fullest

If you’re using YouTube for a long time, you can easily see the changes in sponsored ads over the past few years. 

YouTube started inserting advertising first as a small bottom banner, then went greater in size, and then many banners. Then YouTube began torturing users by putting ads clips in between the video, which can be skipped at any time. Torturing on YouTube developed further to force the ads to get more views (with no skip button).

Youtube Vanced apk

Youtube Vanced apk for android

It became more obnoxious by increasing the number of advertising every video – one ad every 10 minutes. They inserted two ads under one ad, which is clearly harassment for viewers.

Currently, you cannot watch any videos with a single ad; instead, each hour-long video can have up to 24 double ads. It appears that viewers no longer enjoy the videos, which is quite upsetting.

Fortunately, YouTube users now can use YouTube Vanced APK as an alternative. Rather than paying for the Premium account, this APK app can still meet their entertainment needs while also offering background play and removing those annoying ads. 

Specifically, the app has got one billion downloads worldwide and positive reviews, despite the fact that they are not available on Google Play.

The Notable Features Of YouTube Vanced

This section will walk you through some highlighting features of YouTube Vanced. Let’s see why billions of users are using this app!

Background Play

Ordinary YouTube users can’t play music or videos in the background. If you’re watching a music video when your friend sends a message on Whatsapp, you must halt your music and switch to Whatsapp to respond to the message. This inconvenience can drastically decrease your music listening experience.

Youtube Vanced apk download

Luckily, YouTube Vanced solves this problem by playing music in the background. As a result, listening to your favorite playlists while using other apps is all more convenient. YouTube Vanced still runs even when your device’s screen is locked.

Ads Blockers

With YouTube Vanced, sponsor ads that show unexpectedly during videos are no longer an issue. All types of ads and unnecessary things like intros, outros, and subscription reminders, get prohibited by the app. As such, you can enjoy your videos without being disturbed or interfered with.

The ad-blocking feature is active by default once you install the app on your devices. Of course, you are free to enable or disable it as you see fit.

Zoom In And Force HDR Mode

It’s now a piece of cake for you to zoom in on the videos. If you’re using devices with 18:9 screens and rabbit ears, you can use two fingers to zoom in on them, much like you do with images. 

Youtube Vanced app

If you expect a more cinematic experience, YouTube Vanced offers the Codec Override option. As a result, you may force HDR or 60fps playback. The default video resolution is set to your liking, and the screen resolution is forced for 4K playing on your device.

Other Outstanding Features

Other benefits of YouTube Vanced include Casting Toggle, Auto Repeat, Volume and Brightness Controls, Toggle Themes, and so on.

For instance, the auto-repeat option makes it easier to listen to your tracks, and videos can play in a loop. Furthermore, the AMOLED dark mode saves battery life and decreases eye strain.

Pros & Cons of YouTube Vanced APK

Below is a summary of the pros and cons of YouTube Vanced. 

  • Remove ads and background play
  • Work on both un-rooted and rooted Android devices
  • 100% safe to download; no security threats
  • Consume less data than the regular YouTube app
  • Let users create their playlist based on their preferences
  • Not optimize the UI
  • Unable to save videos for offline watching

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Download YouTube Videos?

No, YouTube Vanced does not allow you to download videos to your mobile devices. You can use TubeMate or SnapTube to download YouTube videos for offline uses.

Youtube Vanced apk app

Is This App YouTube Premium?

YouTube Vanced is absolutely not YouTube Premium. It is a modded version of the default YouTube app that includes various features such as Background Playback, Ad Blocking, PIP mode, and so on. Rather than paying an amount for YouTube Premium, you can download and install YouTube Vanced APK for free.

Does YouTube Vanced Auto-Update?

No, it doesn’t. Yet, you will get a notification whenever an update is available.

Is YouTube Vanced safe?

Yes. You can use YouTube Vanced since it is virtually risk-free.

What Are The Alternatives Of YouTube Vanced? Which One Is The Best?

There are over 25 YouTube Vanced alternatives available for various platforms, including Android, Online/Web-based, Windows, Linux, and Mac. 

NewPipe, free of cost and open source, is the best alternative. YouTube FreeTube, SkyTube, and Hooktube are excellent alternatives to YouTube Vanced.


Watching YouTube is very annoying and extremely unhappy with the ads situation for those using the standard YouTube. If you’re the same, it’s time to download YouTube Vanced APK.

The app lets you enjoy your favorite videos ad-free and makes videos more functional with its zoom-in feature. In addition, all the features such as background playback, PIP mode, and Codec Override result in a more comfortable user experience. 

So, what’re you looking for? Download this app and get ready to watch your favorite music and videos!