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Download XVideoStudio Video Editor 8.8 APK for Android (174M). XVideostudio Video Editor APK is one of the greatest apps that help you create professional-looking videos easily. Let's see what you can get from it!
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January 18, 2022
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XVideoStudio Video Editor Description

Whether you want to post some videos on your TikTok or even start a vlog, XVideostudio Video Editor APK will support you with multiple editing tools.

With Xvideostudio, it’s never been easier to turn your footage video into a high-quality final product. Download the app right now to enjoy it to the fullest!

XVideostudio Video Editor APK – The Best Tool For Beginners

XVideoStudio Video Editor is among the straightforward video editing apps available for Android users out there. Specifically, this application does not require you to root your device, which means it’s compatible with all Android smartphones and tablets. 

XVideoStudio Video Editor Apk

The app allows you to edit and apply numerous build-in effects to your videos, making them more dynamic and of better quality. It comes with a user-friendly interface and quick responses between tasks, giving you the best experience ever. 

In brief, Xvideostudio comes with amazing and unique features that will help users a lot in editing videos. Though the app is currently not available on Google Play, it deserves a try from new video editors.

Notable Features Of Xvideostudio Video Editor

Let’s continue with some advanced features of Xvideostudio that can help users create tons of good-quality videos.

Intuitive UI

Editing videos is never an easy task for newbies, so the developers of Xvideostudio have designed the app with an easy-to-use interface to support users at the first steps. 

Even if you don’t have much experience, you only need a little while to get acquainted with the app; then, everything will go smoothly.

Increase And Decrease Video Speed

Any users of TikTok or Youtube will know the effects of increasing or decreasing the video speed. Like other video editor apps, Xvideostudio enables you to adjust the playback speed. 

It means you can create slow down or fast forward videos depending on the events that happen at a particular moment. If you can take advantage of this feature, it will take your video to a Hollywood level. 

Basic Editing Tools

A good video editor app surely will offer you a set of basic editing tools. XVideostudio is no exception. The app allows you to edit videos using simple build-in tools, including trim, crop, splice, split, rotate, and merge. 

For example, you can feel free to merge two separate videos into a single product. The best part? You’re able to combine as many videos as you want!

Xvideostudio enables you to change the color, brightness, and saturation of the videos. According to professional editors, these factors contribute no small effects in expressing the style and emotion of your final product. So if you’re a beginner, you can try many options to get the best result!

Keep in mind that these processes will generate a new file from your original video. Save it as a separate product from the prior one so that you can tweak it differently the next time.

Remove And Alter Audio

There may be times when the original sound gets jumbled up and noisy during the video. In such cases, you probably want to remove those unwanted sounds.

Luckily, this task has never been easier with XVideostudio. The app features some advanced tools that allow you to split video and audio or adjust one of them in several ways. You can produce unique videos in a minute with simple clicks and drags.

HD-Quality Videos

You may now wonder about the final video quality. Many video editing tools out there can help you do the jobs quickly, but the quality may not be as good as you expected. Worry not; all’s well in the end with Xvideostudio.

The app provides you with a plethora of quality settings to tailor to your specific requirements. No matter if it’s a memory video or a big project, the app is sure to satisfy your needs.

Offline Mode

Rest assured that your files still exist if the internet suddenly disconnects. It’s because the offline mode helps you to use the app whenever and wherever you want, even without an internet connection. 

Compression Tool

Storing videos will consume a significant amount of device memory, especially if you’re a Tiktoker or Youtube vlogger. As a result, Xvideostudio includes a tool for compressing data. You can easily upload them to the internet or save them in your library without taking up too much storage.

Pros And Cons Of XVideostudio Video Editor APK

Below are some pros and cons of the app that you should note.

  • A wide range of editing tools
  • Slow down and fast forward mode
  • Adjust the Audio
  • High-quality final products
  • Compressing tool
  • Need more professional editing tools
  • Watermarks on the original version 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Are The Features Of XVideostudio Video Editor APK?

  • Free to download
  • Ads-free
  • No watermark
  • Stream free
  • No registration required
  • High-quality performance

2. What Are The Best Alternative For Xvideostudio Video Editor?

Xvideostudio video editor is a straightforward application for any beginner to try, so it’s understandable that the app still needs improving and updating.

Here are some alternatives that you can mention: Videoshow Video Editor, KineMaster, InShot, YouCut, PowerDirector, Vivavideo, etc.

3. XVideostudio Video Editor vs. PowerDirector: Which One Is Better?

PowerDirector surely offers you more advanced features in editing videos, like chroma key technology and video stabilization feature. These advantages will help your video move a step closer to the Hollywood level. 

But if you’re a newbie, it’s better to use XVideosudtio Video Editor! The app still provides you with basic editing tools, which is enough to create a good-quality final product. 


We’ve just walked you through some outstanding advantages of XVideostudio Video Editor APK, a basic editing tool for any newbie. Despite the lack of advanced features, this app promises to give you the final brilliant videos and a good video editing experience.

It’s time to download Xvideostudio Video Editor APK and see how it transforms your footage into a high-quality final product. Good luck!


How to Download XVideoStudio Video Editor APK & Install ?

Installation of XVideoStudio Video Editor APK is really simple and easy. After Downloading the APK file just follow the steps below. XVideoStudio Video Editor APK will be Successfully installed in your Android Device

1. Download the latest version of XVideoStudio Video Editor APK from here. After download the apk file, just open it up

2. Now, if it asks to enable "unknown sources" -> Turn on "Unknown sources" from Settings -> Privacy -> Unknown sources

3. Open the APK file of XVideoStudio Video Editor from your mobile (Download folder).

4. Finally, it will prompt for Installation, accept the Installation and follow instructions.

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