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System Cleaner – Android Phone Cleaner and Booster Screenshots

System Cleaner – Android Phone Cleaner and Booster APK for Android

Your phone is a very complicated high-tech gadget that you need to treat with care. An effective booster and cleaner application can boost the speed of its performance. Our free System Cleaner app does all the work within a few clicks.

Why should you use a cleaner app?

• Every mobile device has limited memory and RAM space. So you need to take care of it like you do the cleaning in your home.

• The battery of any mobile device has a limited lifetime. However, you can extend it, if you increase the efficiency of the power consumption

Have you noticed that a new smartphone usually works very fast, but the functionality starts to lag over time?
With System Cleaner, you can get your device as fast as a new device, if you take some easy preventive steps.

Why System Cleaner?

• Cleans the folders of your messengers, which is hard to do on your own. Deletes junk and duplicated files

• Boosts phone memory (CPU). Keeps your phone smooth and even power efficient

• Helps you to manage your apps (APP MANAGER)

• Detects and deletes junk files

Simply install and launch the app to quickly scan your device for all needed actions. Then, clean your phone and boost its performance. It only takes a few seconds to do. Finally, run the app from time to time to take care of your device, get rid of junk files and optimise the memory.

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