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Sausage Man APK for Android

If you are a lover of the survival game genre, you definitely cannot ignore Sausage ManThis game owns a rich character system with more than 100 characters of all kinds. The characters are designed with diverse colors to help players feel excited. 

In addition, the map system and flexible game modes are the factors that make Sausage Man APK become one of the most popular survival games today. The following article will give you an overview of this game.

Sausage Man APK: Dramatic Survival Game In 2022

Sausage Man apk is one of the most famous survival games today. The game is animated with a rich and diverse character system. From there, players can easily choose the characters according to their preferences for themselves.

Sausage Man apk

In this game, players will role-play the characters – funny and lovely sausages to participate in the battlefield with other opponents. The unique feature of the characters in Sausage Man is in their dance and voice. 

Despite always having to participate in intense matches, players will have moments of comfort as their characters perform dances combined with fun sounds.

In addition, Sausage Man possesses relatively unique 3D graphics. The costumes in the game have fancy designs with many different themes: Koi fish, servants, or Cyberpunk. 

At the same time, with each outfit, there will be cute poses such as kissing or turning into a witch. Therefore, to increase the gaming experience, players need to do missions to collect skins. In addition, they can deposit money to own those skins.


Sausage Man apk possesses many features:

  • Magic gun
  • Resurrection Machine
  • Tactical cover
  • ID card system

In addition to playing games, you can sing, dance, and shoot guns to communicate and connect with teammates around. This feature is quite popular in today’s survival games like Free Fire or PUBG.

Sausage Man apk download

You can wear lifebuoys and face-to-face gun fights with other opponents during the battle. When defeated, you will turn into a small crying sausage. In addition, you can cheer up your teammates with adorable “go-it” actions. 

This novelty has contributed to the difference and uniqueness of the survival game Sausage Man apk.

In terms of gameplay, you can choose 1 of the following three ways to play:

  • Safe gameplay: limit fights and focus on finding the necessary equipment to increase survivability.
  • Aggressive gameplay: Find and defeat opponents across the map. This game requires players to have excellent personal skills. They need to know how to judge and observe enemy signals on the map.
  • Exploratory gameplay: This gameplay is suitable for players who do not like aggression and safety. Players who own this gameplay will enjoy exploring and collecting items all over the map.

Features & Highlights of Sausage Man


When it comes to the Sausage Man apk, players will not be able to help but mention the graphics system of this survival game. 

3D graphics in a fun and humorous style have made the sausage characters in the game more lovely and funny. Therefore, this one will be suitable for fire age 12+.

In addition, the publisher also incorporates shading techniques for characters. They use contrasting colors that make the objects in the game harmonize with the context. From there, players can recognize essential things during the game.

Rich, unlimited item system

The rich item system is an essential factor in helping players improve the quality of the experience. 

Sausage Man game apk

Because they can collect many items in the game to help players survive and fight until the end of the first one. With items of high value and damage, players need experience and good judgment to collect items in the shortest time.

Diverse modes

The mode in Sausage Man apk will include single-player and team play. Players will be placed in rooms with random opponents across the server with a single player. As for group play, they can set up a room and invite their friends to the game.

Fun bar

The sound system of this survival one is exciting and attractive to listeners. When you are in the lobby, the background music will have a gentle melody to help players relax before the start of the games. 

In the games, character sounds and effects will be the factors that contribute to the games becoming more thrilling and attractive to players.

Quick Rundown Of Sausage Man

  • Rich character system up to 100 people
  • Eye-catching 3D graphics
  • Attractive sound system
  • Diverse and rich gameplay
  • Completely free for players
  • With the APK version, it will not appear on Google play. Therefore, you will need to visit the website to download the games to your device.

How To Install And Download

With this APK version, you will need to visit the Sausage Man apk website to download the games. 

Because a 3rd party provides this version, they will not be available on google play. Also, when you download the APK file, you will need to open your phone’s settings and allow downloading apps from unknown sources to your device.

Also, if you want to play this game on PC, you will need to set up emulator software. With any emulator software for the Android operating system, you can use it.

If you are wondering about a good emulator application, then Bluestack is a good suggestion for you.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sausage Man apk available for Android OS?

The answer is yes. Sausage Man apk is one that works on the Android operating system. It requires your version to be at least 5.0 or higher.

Sausage Man APK has how many characters?

The survival possesses a rich character system with up to 100 characters. The characters all have eye-catching designs and have distinct highlights.

Can I make a gaming group with my friends?

The answer is yes. This version allows users to form groups to play games with their friends. In addition, it also has a single-player mode for players who love randomness.


Hopefully, the article will help you better understand the Sausage Man apk. It can be that this survival one gives players the most attraction and fun today. 

The eye-catching graphics system and the catchy sound have given players the best gaming moments.

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What's new in Sausage Man 14.35

New Content:
1. New Season SS4: The legendary Weather Kingdom casts away the clouds as the Gods of Weather descend to challenge the Gods on the Sausage Island where a rainbow can be seen in the still unclouded sky.
2. New Seasonal Functional Equipment: Rainbow Prince Legend Card - Dance on the clouds and glide on the rainbows. Isn't the prince the real life of the party?

Older Versions

Sausage Man 14.08 APK-4.421/08/2022
Sausage Man 14.07 APK-4.404/08/2022
Sausage Man 13.71 APK-4.424/07/2022
Sausage Man 13.69 APK-4.401/07/2022