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Oct 15, 2022
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Hair Clipper Prank, Fart Sound APK Download

Good Pranks are tried and tested hoaxes, practical jokes, and tricks that have been played on friends and family alike! Some pranks create great laughs all around others well … a blushing face on the part of the prankster!

Want to pull some good pranks on friends? You can’t go wrong with Hair Clipper: Prank, Scissors, Razor, Fart sounds
💇‍♂️ Hair clipper prank
🪒 Downloading Hair Clipper: Prank, Scissors, Razor, Fart sounds, you will turn your device into a razor. As a joke, of course, a haircut prank with friends. This clipper app can perfectly simulate the sound and vibration of the real hair clipper 🪒

💇‍♂️ Hair Clipper: Prank, Scissors, Razor, Fart sounds simulates a real hair trimmer! Its sound is recorded from a real hair clipper and changes when you move the device above somebody’s head. Also, you will feel a vibration similar to a real razor 💇‍♂️

🪒 There is even a proximity sensor for a more realistic hair clipper prank shaving. The clippers prank will play realistic shaving sounds. But the app is designed exclusively for jokes 💇‍♂️
🖵 Make me Bald Prank

🖵 Make me bald effect will remove your hair from your head. Also, you can try different bald hairstyles. After that you can check your hairless self. 👨‍🦲💇‍♂️

You could share your hairless photos on social medias. Have fun together with your friends. 💇‍♂️
🕪 Funny noise pranks
There are too much brilliant sounds in our free app. White noise, Police Sirens, Car horns, Engine sounds, Door Bell, Air Horn, and Burping sounds in our app. You may want to check it out.
🖵 Broken phone screen prank
📱 What’s more terrifying than your phone belly-flopping on concrete? The moment you have to turn it over to see the damage done. Add cracks and scratches to any photo to fool people into believing the screen is trashed. Convince your friends that it’s their fault and see their response! 🖵
💨 Fart noise prank
🤢 If you’re craving a good laugh, download the fart prank of this app. This is the go-to prank app for your fake flatulence needs. Try the sneak attack fart timer or the fart bomb, what about the fart simulator?

Schedule a sweet fart, hide your phone by someone’s chair, and go far enough away to seem innocent when the melodious sounds attract the attention of everyone in the office. Stay classy & gassy, pranksters. 🦨
🤳 Fake video call prank
After installing this prank caller app, you will have access to hundreds of pranks suggested by the app. Celebrities’ fake calls will be available for you as well 📱

This prank dial will provide you with prank calls, including calls from celebrities. You will be able to listen to them, choose the best, add some additional information (like your friend’s phone number), and enjoy the result! 📱
✨ Laser pointer simulator
A fake laser prank game is included in this prank app as well. It simulates a laser pointer on your mobile phone. Enjoy the laser lights and halos, different laser colors. The simulator just simulates a laser pointer, it will not throw a laser light from your device.
🤥 Lie detector prank and 💢 Vein locator prank
Lie Detector is a prank fingerprint scan app that tries to determine if you are telling the truth or a lie based on your thumbprint scan. A vein locator is a simulation of a vein scan of your body. 🤥

What's news in this version of Hair Clipper Prank, Fart Sound APK

What's NEW for YOU !!!

We provide you the funniest "prank "and "hair clipper prank" features like hair challenge, hair cutting joke, fart sounds, funny stickers, make me bald etc. We have prepared them for you.

- Hair clipper prank with vibration
- Hair challenge to prank your friends
- Simulator jokes; broken screen prank, fake call
- Detector jokes; lie detector
- Fantastic funny stickers and emojis
- Bug fixes and improvements have been made

and much more content and surprising features...


2.7-Android 5.0 +22/12/2021