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GB WhatsApp APK for Android

Using a particular social networking platform to connect with friends has become common for everyone. With just one phone, you can connect with friends around the world. 

One of the apps that can effectively connect is GB Whatsapp APK. What is the difference between this version and the real version from the manufacturer? 

The following article will help you answer that question!

GB Whatsapp APK: Unlimited Fun Features For Chatting

This GB WhatsApp APK is known as the MOD version of Whatsapp. With this application, it owns all the features of the actual application. At the same time, the developer has integrated many new components to help you have a great user experience.

Currently, there are more than 6 million users of the GB application. One of the differences that makes this application famous is the dual support feature. 

GB WhatsApp apk download

Specifically, you can use multiple accounts on the same device. Then, you will control their accounts more quickly and conveniently.

With this connection application, users will have the opportunity to use many different languages. It includes English, Spanish and Chinese. Therefore, more users will have a chance to use the GB version. 

You can download files up to 50MB in size via the messaging app. You can send high-quality videos and photos without using any 3rd party applications.

Features & Highlights

Stay safe from malware.

With this GB application, users will not need to worry about their phones being compromised. 

The system is capable of minimizing the intrusion from external objects. The theft of personal data will hardly appear to the user.

GB WhatsApp Apk

Dual use of multiple accounts on the same phone. You can use various accounts on the same phone device. 

Therefore, they can effectively control personal data. They will not need to use a lot of equipment for their large accounts.

Send all file formats. 

With the GB APK version, you can send files up to 50MB in size. They can then watch videos and send high-quality photos on the messaging feature. With videos larger than 50Mb, the message content will not be uploaded.

Hide online status

Hiding the active state is always one of the factors that many users are particularly interested in. 

Hiding this status will help users perform many different purposes. At that time, other people will not know when the last time to access your account was.

Unlimited addition and use of stickers

The addition of the GB sticker and emoticon system has significantly improved the quality of use for users. 

They will have the opportunity to express more emotions in conversations. Owning fun and unique icons will help users feel more excited when talking with their friends and relatives.

gb whatsapp for android

Post video statuses up to 7 minutes in length

With GB Whatsapp, you can post up to 7 minutes of content on their status line. At the same time, the video quality will not reduce. 

Others can watch directly on Whatsapp without downloading. This feature has contributed to improving the quality for users significantly.

Can set a password for the application

In this MOD application, users can set a password for their application. It has contributed to adequate personal data protection. 

At the same time, the security system of this application is quite good. Unauthorized intrusion from the outside is almost impossible with GB Whatsapp.

Quick Rundown Of GB Whatsapp APK

  • Completely free for users
  • Use for all devices without any exceptions.
  • Can use multiple accounts on the same device
  • The application can be password protected.
  • Unlimited number of stickers to use
  • Up to 50 MB in size video can be uploadable on the status line.
  • Hide chat and hide writing status
  • Not provided by Playstore
  • Users will need to update themselves when a new version is available.
  • The manufacturer can detect the user using the MOD and lock the account.

gb whatsapp apk for android

How To Download And Install GB Whatsapp

Downloading this application is quite simple.

  • You need to visit the website and download the MOD application to your device. 
  • However, before downloading, you need to open the “settings” and “security” sections to allow downloading apps from unknown sources.
  • After that, wait a few seconds for the application to install. Then you can start logging in and using the GB Whatsapp app. 

With APK files, it may contain viruses. Therefore, you should consider downloading this MOD application to your device.


Does GB Whatsapp APK use the Android operating system?

The answer is yes. This application allows users to use it on all Android operating system devices. 

However, your device needs to have a minimum update of 4.3 or higher to download the application to your device. In addition, this application will not be usable on the iOS operating system.

What new features does GB Whatsapp APK have compared to regular Whatsapp?

  • Unlimited use of stickers
  • Anti-ban update
  • Not corrupted by the sticker system
  • Can download videos up to 7 minutes in length

Which Of These Two Is Better?

Certainly, GB Whatsapp APK will be better than the real application in terms of usability. Users will have the opportunity to use many convenient services from this application itself. 

However, using the MOD version may be detected by the Whatsapp publisher and locked the account. So, you should consider using it for your invoices.


Hopefully, the article will help you better understand the GB Whatsapp APK. With this application, users can use it for all Android operating system devices. 

This application is entirely free for users. You can download videos and images up to 50MB in size. However, using this application may expose your phone to a virus. Because APK files usually will not have a very high-security system.

If you have any other related questions, do not hesitate to leave a comment in the section below for us to answer promptly. Thank you for reading!

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