30 Days Lose Weight for Women


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Aug 11, 2022
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Want to lose weight or gain muscle?
Want to have a better figure?
Want to do easy yoga workouts?
No equipment, No need to the gym!
Few minutes a day to easily enjoy the fun of burning fat and fitness to lose weight!

⚡ Easy workout, easy to stay healthy! ⚡
⭐ Home Fitness, Lose Weight & One-month Workout Plan, is an app that provides weight loss, muscle gain, easy yoga workouts and train at home.
⭐ It only takes ten minutes a day, do workout at home for a month, and you’ll notice big changes in your body.

⚡ easy-to-use fitness app! ⚡
⭐ We only need to follow the fitness animation guidance provided by the app to start our exercise.
⭐ We can use simple methods to improve the efficiency of weight loss, muscle gain and stay healthy.

⚡ Choose the parts we want to exercise! ⚡
⭐ Including arms, abdomen, buttocks, legs, etc.
⭐ For the body parts we want to workout, the app will evaluate the user’s goals and personal data. Start a systematic fitness program.
⭐ We can follow the application guidance to workout, gradually deepen the exercise in stages and time.
⭐ Just need to be at home, you can burn calories and build a good figure!

⛳ Features:
✔ Systemically plan a one-month fitness plan.
✔ Fast and efficient fitness to stay a healthy body and build a nice figure.
✔ System evaluation goals and personal data.
✔ No equipment, no need to go to the gym, just train at home.
✔ Professional fitness coach.
✔ Animated guidance, voice prompt.
✔ Stay healthy and care about you.
✔ Fully record the exercise process.
✔ Track the progress of weight loss and muscle gain through graphs.
✔ Easy to learn and get started quickly.
✔ Easy Yoga workouts.
✔ Applies to all persons.

⛳ Home Fitness, allows you to experience the joy of losing weight, enjoy a more relaxing and pleasant workout experience, and have a better figure and healthier body!


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