Aliexpress Reviews – Easy Online Shopping With AliExpress

Have you ever heard of Aliexpress? Chances are you have and you are curious or you never have but the cute jewerly caught your attention. This is my Aliexpress review.

What Is Aliexpress?

Aliexpress is an online store with tons of sellers. It is a company that is run by Jack Ma. Aliexpress products that are made in china but you are buying them factory direct.

Have you ever noticed many of the products that you buy from big stores such as target or walmart sell items that say made in china? With Aliexpress you can buy many of those items that are either exactly the same or very similar. This is my Aliexpress review.

What To Expect From Shopping On Aliexpress ?

The biggest factor in shopping from Aliexpress is shipping time. Since the items are shipping from china they take a long time. Up towards a month or even longer at times.

I don’t know why this is. It could be because of international customs. It could also be because it is shipping from the other side of the world. My husband says it is because they ship things in bulk.

In my experience, most items arrive within 3 weeks to a month. There have been several times that I have gotten items within 2 weeks and once within a week and a half!

There has also been times when my order has taken 2 months and still times were I never receive my order. This has only happened once thankfully.

What Can You Buy From Aliexpress?

You can buy almost anything! They are so many different items from clothing, purses, jewelry, technology gadgets, to other household items.

The options are endless! I have seen some pretty weird stuff on their too though.

How Much Are Items On Aliexpress?

The cost can range. I can tell you that I will most likely be the lowest cost you can find, not always but most of the time.

I have gotten a lot of accessories for .60 or .80 cents. Earrings for $1-5.

How Is The Quality Of Items?

This one is a tricky because some items are really good. Other times you get a ring that looks like it came out of a candy machine.

Some times you order a really cute light box and other times you order Christmas pillow cases that have the word Merry misspelled. lol!

What Have I Bought From Aliexpress?

I heard about Aliexpress at a girls night in party several years back. All the girls were talking about things they had purchased and how they liked or disliked them.

The main items that I buy are jewelry. I have gotten so much good jewelry from there. I am particularly obsessed with earrings. The pictures are some of the ones that I have gotten.

Most of the earrings have been great quality but others not so much. I review all of them in the video below.

One item that I haven’t had such a good experience with has been rings. Though I haven’t gotten many the ones that I have purchased looked like ones that would come out of a candy machine.

I have also purchased calligraphy pens. My favorite black calligraphy pens are from Aliexpress. 3 for $3 and they come within 2 and a half weeks. These are a repeat order for me.

Pillows, canvas easter baskets with bunny ears, some clothing, purses, popsockets for .80 cents, cell phone cases, mini wooden spoons, scarfs, and pillow cases are what I have bought.

For the most part I have been satisfied with my orders. I did buy some cute christmas pillow cases in 2018 they were so cute I bought 4. One of them had Merry misspelled it was missing an R. They rest were great.

What Are Some Tips For Shopping Aliexpress?

  1. Make sure to look at seller review
    • I will not buy from someone who isn’t highly rated.
  2. Look at the products individual ratings
    • No ratings? Skip it. It’s not worth it.
  3. Look at the pictures of the products.
  4. Be ready for the long haul. Order way before you would actually need the item. I would say a month out or maybe even a little more.
  5. Don’t spend to much at once just in case.
    • I try not to spend more than $15 max per time.
  6. Get the app.
    • It’s easier to navigate but the website works well too.
  7. Know that the sizing is different too, so use the charts as a guide.

If you aren’t into the whole wait for shipping aspect, many of the same items are sold on Amazon too are they are still cheaper than what you would pay for at store or boutique.

Have you shopped from aliexpress before? What would be your Aliexpress review?

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